Why White Light Healing?

People who's body and mind are in balance will be perfectly healthy.. always...
Since the body is surrounded by a well working immunity system it protects humans against every attack from outside.. No single bacteria or virus makes a chance..
It's only when the energetical body, our protective cocoon so to speak, is weakened that a person becomes vulnerable and susceptible for illnesses or injuries.
The disturbance of that energyfield can have two causes... negative emotions of negative energies/entities...

So the cause of every illness can be reduced to one mean reason.. a weakened immunity system (energy field) and the reasons why this happens are twofold...
  -NEGATIVE EMOTIONS weaken our energetic body and because this energetic body supplies our body parts with the O so important life energy, they will start to malfunction and they become sick.
  -NEGATIVE ENTITIES attaching themselves to our body cause the same problem. They feed on our life energy whereby our body will get out of balance and sicknesses can develop... Again those illnesses will cause negative emotions on which the energetical parasite will also feed.

we can summarize the above very briefly:
  -Sicknesses occur because of an inbalance or lack of energy.
  -Curing an illness is done by providing energy.