Who am I?Erik TangheErik Tanghe

My name is Erik Tanghe and the biggest part of my life I spend acquiring the skill to show the most beautifull side of people.
More than 20 years as a professional photographer (www.eriktanghe.com/photography/) I did my best to eliminate all imperfections of my models and look to the sunniest and most flattering side of reality.
I was looking through a frame and I just left out everything which devaluated perfection...

While taking pictures of people I almost always used flashlight..
When taking portraits white light lights up shades, clears wrinkles and it makes people shine
And now... in the end... I do the same... I clear up dark energies with white light.. white life energy...

About 15 years ago I discovered something amazing..
I sometimes saw more with my eyes closed...
After I trusted my eyes for more than 20 years to register and duplicate reality as real and as beautiful as possible, I saw completely different things when I closed my eyes..

I saw the energy in and around people..
I saw sicknesses as dark spots in the human body and I noticed where the energy field was weakened.
The person itself even didn't have to be with me.
Only a name of someone at the other side of the world was enough of information to visually know where energetically there was a problem.

But there was more..
With plenty people I saw strange dark clouds... somber wisps hanging next or on top of them. They looked like energetical tubes draining precious life energy from there host..
I saw the most extreme forms with suicidal people, schizophrenics, psychopaths or drug addicts... and killers...
I saw these energetical parasites especially in cities and other places where plenty people gather..
They need people... They feed on their energy
From time to time I saw them with friends and family and I found out that I could chase them away by 'burning' them with white light...

Knowing that, ignited an inner fire inside of me because I realized I could mean a lot for so many people.

To better understand working with energy I followed trainings in energetic healing, massage therapy and quantum touch. By joining together these disciplines I created a very powerfull way of sending energy.
This sending of energy works perfectly to take away negative entities but it also made sicknesses disappear from the body.
Again, I used white light to make people more beautifull..