Qu'es ce que c'est le White Light Healing?

Tout consiste d'energie et vibration..
whether it's a stone, a tree or a living being...
Every atom vibrates at an amazing speed and creates an energy field in and around itself.
Also human beings are all energy and not only because their bodies are made of physical material... Our mind, our consciousness and our emotional appearance all together form our energyfield, called the human aura.
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Within humans (and animals alike) negative emotions/events/energies can unbalance this energy field possibly causing injuries on short term and illnesses on longer term.
After all, when the energy field in specific areas of the body doesn't function properly, this area will get a shortage of energetical flow and will become sick or risks to expose itself to injuries..
Negative emotions often remain in the human energy field and will eventually attach themselves on an organ of bodypart which is symbolically connected with the problem. It becomes a ball of dark energy in the white energy field of the healthy human.

Plenty people consider a sickness as bad luck or an unfortunate event they can't do much about.
They think of themselves as a poor victim which creates again negative emotions which only aggravate things.
Some people are even proud of their sickness and will identify themselves with it by which the problem will even manifest more.

These days, the science of quantum physics has already clearly shown that we humans (as a race and individually) do influence our reality to some extent..
Negative emotions will attract negative things in life while a feeling positive will defenitely get you more good luck in life.. Negative thoughts and negative emotions like hate, anger, sorrow, etc. do cause a disturbed energy field..
Tests have proved that nothing but the intention to cure or to help others to get better will already have noticable results..

If we combine the things mentioned above... we know that we can alter our own energy and those of others.. We can make it stronger or weaken it, only with the power of thought, visualisation and intention.

The illness which develops because of the imbalance of your energy field can be used at best as a signal to find out where exactly your energy field is weakened or damaged and what the cause is of that..
This way you can find out what's going wrong in your life and what problems you have. Once you discover that, you can do something about it..

The area of your body which is affected with the disease or injury is very important. The location where the sickness en thus the disturbance of your energy field occurs, tells you a lot about your weak points and which ones you have to improve to become a 'complete' human (again).

By sending new and powerfull energy towards your 'damaged' energetical field, your body can heal itself.
The outcome of this healing proces lies in your own hands.. I will give you the energy and I will point you in the right direction so you can become healthy again both physically and mentally..

Disturbance of the human energy field is not only caused by emotions.
Just like every star in the cosmos, we humans, 'little dots of light' are surrounded by a gigantic amount of dark matter.
This huge black emptyness slowly absorbs our vital life energy..
Even the biggest star will extinguish in the end like every human being will eventually die...
The speed by which this happens depends on the useless loss of our life energy...

Dark entities around us disturb our energetical balance by use of negative emotions which causes our energy field to get weakened at certain spots.. It's through those spots energetical parasites enter your body and aura. That way they can start feeding on you life energy.. Your energy is used and you get old and sick..

So it's about time for a good portion of white life energy!!!