How does a White Light Healing session works?

Personal meeting

- When somebody visits me at my place, I'll first check whether the person has energetical parasites with him.
If that energy is powerfull, I'll immediately see them.. If not I will install myself quietly to concentrate myself on it.
If a negative entity is present, I will take it away.
It has no use to treat an illness when the external cause remains.
Depending on the strenght of the bad energy it will take up to maximum 1 h 30 min but usually it goes faster..

When the entity is removed the treatment often ends there...
Once the energy consuming parasite is gone, the energy field of the human body will recover by itself.
If that shouldn't be the case a continuation of the treatment could be necesarry (see below)

- If there are no negative entities present, I will check your energy field out.
I visually 'see' disruptions in your energy field and when I let energy flow through your body I will feel where the flow is hindered.
I also do this when someone comes with specific complaint since the cause of an injury or sickness is not always located at the spot where the problem occurs.(see the example of the inflamated eyes)
The area where your energy doesn't flow properly is an area where your aura/energy field is weakened and has to be healed.
When I specifically treat an injury, the color of the energy tells me with which chacra the problem is related so you'll better understand why it occurred in your body.
With powerfull white energy I will provide your aura field with the necessary energy so it can heal itself. That healing proces can be instantly but your body can also need some days to become completely 'whole' again.

Distant Healing

- When we talk about getting rid of energetical parasites, distant healing works as good as healing in person.
It's like observing a waterfall... One has a better overview while taking some distance since when you're very close the splattering water will bother your view.

In case of very strong parasites, distant healing is sometimes even advisable since the person in question is mostly not willing to come over.

People with serious energetical parasites (like shizophrenics) hardly ask for help themselves. They are too busy doing the things for which the entity is accompanying them which mostly is nothing positive....

- For treatment of 'normal' ilnesses and injuries distant healing is also possible.
Nevertheless it's less efficient because, by lack of interaction it's much more difficult for me to determine the cause of the problem and to work targeted.
Therefore Distant healing is a perfect replenishment for people who already visited me in person.

Nevertheless distant healing can be a perfect way to treat people who have an absolute negative attitude towards alternative healing methods.
When they are not aware healing is done to them, the result is much stronger then when their own negativity will create a reality in which in the worst case the healing can be undone.