For a standard treatment I ask a compensation of 80 euro.
- If there is an energetical parasite I will take it away.
- If not I will make sure your energy field is restored/healed. On short or long term it will have a healing effect on diseases and injuries.
- I will also give you advise about the cause of your problems and what you should do to avoid them in the future..

For exceptional cases where repeated sessions are necessary (see the example of the insomnia ), we'll discuss personally.

For distance healing the same compensation is asked.
- They should be applied for by e-mail including the name of the person to be helped
- I will reply with the explanation how to perform the payment (paypal)

If you still have doubts about whether a consultation or treatment is suited for your needs, you can just send me your name and livingplace (city/village, I don't need streetnames)) with the demand for an intake view.
I will check your energy out and will report you briefly with a detailed drawing about the problems. I charge 20 euro for this. This way you can decide for yourself if it's worth while to make further appointments.

Contact Erik Tanghe

One can contact me by telephone for more information or an appointment.
Distance healings can also be booked by telephone but should be confirmed by mail including information like name of the person who needs treatment and eventually some explanation about the problem.

We can meet in a quiet place in Kalmthout, province of Antwerp (2920), Belgium.

Tel: +32/495/20.80.15